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Great interpreters of Chopin's music in the past century with photo, biography, and recommended recordings

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Home » LP Classics Welcome to the LP Classics Website! We are so happy you stopped by… NEW RELEASES!!! Release Date: 09.15.2017 Order NOW!ALEXANDER SLOBODYANIK | Chopin 24 Etudes.

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Chopin, Andrzej Wasowski - Chopin: 51 Mazurkas - Amazon. Andrzej Wasowski was born in 1919 into Polish nobility, and from an early age, as the phrase goes, piano music was his life. His mother, Princess Maira Glinska.

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Vancouver Classical Music Access all Vancouver’s classical music in one place; full calendar of events, ticketing, previews, reviews, interviews, articles, videos, and more...

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Naxos Classical Archives Music Label - Naxos Classical. Naxos Classical Archives in quality cd, top classical music compilation. Classical Music repertoire in cds with reviews and updated news about recommended cds and.

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Chopin: Mazurkas Essential Classics - Hearing Chopin on the Guitar is quite an enjoyable experience. Philip Hii has provided a recording with perhaps the best transcripitons of Chopin's Nocturnes for the.