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Die Diazotypie ist ein silberloses fotografisches Lichtpausverfahren. Nach einer ehemaligen Marke des Papiers Ozalid wurde die Diazotypie auch Ozalidkopie genannt.

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Architectural Photoreproductions: A Manual for. Architectural Photoreproductions: A Manual for Identification and Care [Eleonore Kissel, Erin Vigneau] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Second.

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SBF Glossary: St. to STX - (Click here for bottom) St. Saint. Same abbreviation is used for equivalent German Sankt. French Saint is male only; cf. Ste. .st (Domain code for) São Tomé and.

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Architectural Photoreproductions: A Manual for. Architectural Photoreproductions: A Manual for Identification and Care (9781884718625): Eleonore Kissel, Erin Vigneau: Books